Rondeo Balos - Expert Web Developer In The Philippines
Rondeo Balos

Expert Web Developer In The Philippines

I specialized as a skilled web developer in the Philippines, creating websites and applications designed to convert and enhance business processes to maximaze ROI. 

With over three years of experience in web development, my expertise extends beyond technical skills. It’s motivated by a deep commitment to comprehend each client’s distinct needs and surpass their expectations. Working closely with clients to create impactful and efficient web solutions brings me extreme happiness. This personalized approach ensures that each project produces precisely with their goals, promoting a seamless and fruitful partnership.


Services Offered

How It Works?

Hiring a skilled freelance web developer offers a unique opportunity to collaborate one-on-one with the expert crafting your website. Whether you’re looking for a web developer in the Philippines or considering outsourcing web development for your projects, I’m here to assist. 

As a dedicated website developer in the Philippines, I’m committed to delivering projects that align with your business values and objectives. If you’re considering hiring a professional, I offer specialized web development services with a focus on WordPress. Whether it’s building from scratch or making improvements, I ensure your project stays within budget and meets the agreed deadline.

Already have a WordPress or custom website? I provide consistent, high-quality web development services including ongoing maintenance and support. Embracing transparency and honesty, I believe in delivering engaging, user-friendly websites built to maximize ROI.

My Web Development Process

Strategy & Planning

1. We’ll Talk.

About your business, your objectives, your competitors, and your story.

Then we’ll devise a plan.

Concept Design

2. I’ll Get Creative

I’ll design high-fidelity concepts for your new website. We’ll discuss them and revise as needed.
No limits.

We move on only when you’re happy.


3. Time For Coding

I’ll set up a test site and send you a link. Then I will work live so you can see changes as they happen.

We’ll have regular catch ups and you’ll start preparing for launch…


4. It’s Launch Time

The big day, D-Day, T-minus 0 seconds. It’s ALIVE!

The site goes live. We’ll monitor it in the first few days and optimise for performance.


Why Hire Me As Your Freelance Web Developer?

Why should you hire me as your freelance web developer? Beyond technical skills, I’m invested in understanding your business goals. By collaborating closely, I ensure each project is a seamless partnership that achieves your specific objectives. 

Discover more about the services I offer and let’s create an online presence that sets you apart.

SEO Optimized

Drive organic traffic with search engine optimized websites that attract the right audience and boost online visibility.

Mobile Responsive

Deliver seamless user experiences across devices with responsive designs that adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions.

Fast And Reliable

Enhance user satisfaction with fast-loading, reliable websites that optimize performance and retain visitors.

24/7 Technical Support

Enjoy round-the-clock technical support to keep your website operational and secure.

Open To Maintenance

Benefit from ongoing website updates and enhancements to keep your online presence fresh and up-to-date.

Innovative Solutions

Set your business apart with creative solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.


Get In Touch Today


Experience And Transparency

Each website project is unique with its own set of challenges.

I treat each one with the same approach, respect and dedication.

I’ll work closely with you to make sure your project stays within budget and that we meet the agreed deadline. With every project, I strive to create an engaging, user friendly website, built to convert and maximize your ROI.

I believe in transparency and honesty. This underlines everything I do.

Certified by Leading Industry


Tools and Technologies


What People I Work With Say About Me?

Dan Erwin Magno
Dan Erwin MagnoDEV
Read More
I had the privilege of collaborating with an extraordinary web developer who blew me away. His exceptional skills and meticulousness left me thoroughly impressed. From concept to completion, their work showcased an unparalleled level of professionalism and attention to detail...
Vincent Oric
Vincent OricDEV
Read More
I highly recommend Rondeo for any web development project you have in mind. His skills, professionalism, and dedication are unmatched, making him a true asset to anyone looking to create an outstanding online presence. Thank you, Rondeo, for an exceptional job well done!

I have been involved in the field of development since my early school days, starting at the age of 15. The process of transforming a simple sketch into a visually appealing and fully functional creation has always fascinated me - and it continues to do so to this day.

- Rondeo Balos


My Most Recent Works

The Secret Shop

Welcome to Secret Shop, where everything is non-existent! We’re not your ordinary online store – in fact, we’re not a store at all. Think of us as the thing you would never think about when you think.



Context coming soon...


South Mountain Resort

Context coming soon..


My Most Recent Posts

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There's been rumors going around that text to html ratio is very important in SEO especially ranking. Well, let's investigate and see if it does really matter or just a mere waste of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work?

The time and cost of a project is estimated upfront. To secure my availability I ask for a deposit of 30%. The rest is invoiced in two instalments during the project. For large projects I am happy to provide flexible payment options. 

Building a site or web app is as much about the process as it as about the finished site. There are number of services you may want included with your website project, including hosting, maintaining and keeping your site secure to analysing traffic and knowing who your visitors are. 

Every project automatically comes with a sprint board to manage tasks, set up of your site with your hosting provider, SEO optimisation where applicable, daily or weekly updates, optional support documents tailored to you and Google analytics setup. Additional services can include monthly maintenance, advanced SEO support and reporting and CRM integration.

The length of time it takes to complete a project depends on your requirements. We’ll define the requirements together based on the nature of your business and what you’re trying to achieve. 

I will provide you an initial estimate upfront for free. This will be a rough range. If you are happy with the estimate you can then proceed by having me create a proposal for you.


There is a treasure trove of answers just for you. Head over to the frequently asked web development questions to find some answers.


Want to know how much a project costs? Learn about how I estimate web projects or request a free estimate for yours.

Want to work with me?

Great! Simply get in touch & we can discuss the next steps.


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