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Does text to HTML ratio really matter?

There's been rumors going around that text to html ratio is very important in SEO especially ranking. Well, let's investigate and see if it does really matter or just a mere waste of time.

I’ve been working with a big website for a while now and lately, I’ve been tasked with the SEO on fixing text to html ratio because it’s very essential in Google ranking. This is my first time encountering this kind of issue in my entire life, ever! So I took my time in researching about what I can do about this and how do I fix this issue. Well guess what? It doesn’t matter at all!!! This such a lie and a waste of time.  Here are some of the things I found during my research:

People that say it’s very important are only selling their products especially SEO tools 😝

Yeah, this is very true. It’s their marketing strategy to make you think your site is not ranking because of this and that… so that you can purchase their products/subscriptions. This is very common, I mean why would you even fall into their trap.


John Mueller from Google says “It makes absolutely no sense at all for SEO. Zero. Nada. Zilch” 🤣

I’ll just embed the comment so you can see for yourself.

byu/MrThunderFists from discussion

this: “If you continue to use it in your org, I will give you and your boss a very disappointed look from afar. It will be embarassing for everyone involved.”


John Mueller’s words during their office-hours hangout

YouTube video



It’s a complete waste of time! Don’t even bother. I’ve seen a lot of top-ranking websites that doesn’t even care with text to html ratio, even PSI performance. If your content is good – it’s good, but dude, don’t point into other things when your content is bad.

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